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You're ready for anything because you've invested in the right training and have gained valuable hands-on experience. Is being prepared for worth it? You bet! We are here to guide you in the right direction; we've listed the diving service (recreational & technical) offered by Sindbad diving club.

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I've always loved diving, but I've never felt good at it. Mixed in with my awe at the beauty of the sea and has been a struggle with buoyancy, a struggle with trim, hyperventilation, and a constant fear of needing to call a dive because of any of the above. More than once I swore never to dive again. I've tried to power through it and I've tried to fake confidence.

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The importance of the PADI Divemaster to the overall PADI training program and to each individual PADI Instructor cannot be overstated. Divemaster training is the first leadership level in the PADI progression. The rating denotes an individual who:

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DAN Training courses teach the first aid steps to care for an injured diver and interact with medical professionals. These courses help you gain a better understanding of dive medicine and how to respond to a dive emergency within your scope of practice.

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