The Premier Choice

Take part in the legend of the seven seas as experienced by Sindbad himself. With over 20 years of service in the Gulf of Aqaba, Sindbad Marine Transportation is the premier choice for water sports and yachting activities in Jordan. Strategically positioned throughout Aqaba, we offer the most comprehensive marine services in the region.

Offering touristic charter services between Jordan and Egypt, we are equipped with an impressive fleet of high speed catamarans. In cooperation with Jordanian and Egyptian travel agents with several international packages available, you can secure all of your reservations through Sindbad Marine Transportation. Adhering to the strictest international standards for transnational travel, we ensure our crew is professional and highly trained to make sure all requirements are met before international travel.

Sindbad Dive Center is a subsidiary of Sindbad Marine Transportation and operates autonomously and adheres to the highest standards available in the diving world. Sindbad Dive Center is a 5 Star PADI diver and Instructor development resort.

Sindbad is Jordan’s recipient of the 2014 Entrepreneur of the Year awarded in Monte Carlo, Monaco.

Our Vision

To offer the most comprehensive services for marine activities in Jordan

Our Mission

To become the premier choice for marine activities in all locations, with the highest safety standards and trained crews maintaining international standards and up-to-date equipment.

Our Team