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Kite Surfing / Intermediate private

Contact us for pricing, bookings and further information +962795556076


Kite Surfing / Intermediate private  

Contact us for pricing, bookings and further information +962795556076

Kitesurfing is about riding and gliding across the water while holding onto a large hand-controlled kite that is powered by the wind. Kit surfing is essentially an easy sport to master with good trainers.  The Hub will adopt International Kiteboarding Organization  ( IKO) standards and regulations. (https://www.ikointl.com/)


Levels of Expertise: all range from Recreational to Coaches, Recommended Ages are 12 and above

Locations:  Confined water dives close to shore

Daily max capacity on location – 30 (3 sessions, approx. 2 hours per session for new students & approx. 3 hours per session for Independent & Advanced)

Instructors – 1:1 (student),  5:1 (Independent & above),   10:1 ( Advanced & above)


1 day Discovery Course

Kite 3 days Beginner Course

Kite / Intermediate private

Kite / Private coaching

Kite / Private hour foiling lesson

Kite Surfing Full Set

Supervised Full set

Kite only

Board Only

Foil Board Only



Helmet/life Jacket

Winging Lessons 2hr beginner course

Winging Lessons 4hr beginner course

Winging Lessons Private hour


  • Experience

    Kite Surfing / Intermediate private
  • Price For

    96 JOD in45min

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