Taba 11 Floating Restaurant & Venue

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Taba 11 Floating Restaurant & Venue

New to Sindbad is the Taba 11 Floating Restaurant & Venue. We offer you an opportunity to enjoy the Red Sea and a delicious meal, of your choosing. Catering is according to your taste; enjoy a barbecue, a buffet, a set menu and full service.

We are able to provide the opportunity to entertain, with disco and party atmosphere.

While floating around, why not take the chance to have a dip into the refreshing water, swim or snorkel off the back of Taba 11. Available are snorkeling kits, fresh water and towels. We can even make the top deck for sunbathing. If evening is your preference, then start off with refreshments on the outdoor deck and complete your evening with disco on the upper deck.

There’s plenty of space for everyone: 

  • Table seating for 50 in an air-conditioned salon
  • Seating for 30 on the outdoor deck
  • A VIP lounge with sofas that can accommodate approximately 24 people
    and also air-conditioned
  • A top deck with seating for 15, that can be cleared for sunbathing, disco
    or cocktails or just enjoy stargazing

Taba 11 is a 23 meter triple deck, extremely luxurious, high speed catamaran. The main salon is a deluxe, closed and well protected compartment, having three lanes of comfy, broad first class chairs separated by extravagantly wide walkways.
It has the following benefits:
 - 5 star finishing
 - Indoor counter in the main deck 
 - LCD screens 
 - Air-conditioned
 - Ladies and gentlemen’s rest rooms
 - Upper out-door sitting area and a closed first class lounge with air-conditioning
 - The top level is an open sitting area for guests to enjoy the fresh breeze
 - Suitable for the elite, VIPs and incentive groups