Marine Maintenance

The Maintenance Shop is located in Harafeya Area, on the edge of Aqaba city, in an industrial compound.

A three storey building houses a large storage of spare parts, providing enough stock to be able to provide instant repairs. The main work shop is able to receive 32 ft boats and the engines of our Yachts and High Speed Crafts and proficient to achieve full maintenance and overhaul.

Leading the team is a Chief Engineer, who has electrical engineers, third-level engineers and mechanics under his command. Working with a system of reports and check sheets, they are assured that all the boats, yachts and High Speed Crafts are operating at the optimum level possible.

All the technicians get continuous training in their area of specialty. We have brought to Aqaba many training specialists from Norway, Turkey, Lebanon and Britain, and other countries, to teach about the different aspects of our machinery.

The technical team is also responsible for all safety equipment and is in continuous contact with the Class Surveyors and Jordan Maritime Authority to achieve the updated safety requirements and standards expected of Jordanian vessels.

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