About Us

Key Departments


All technical requirements of our marine activities are maintained and controlled by our own team of technicians.

Leading the team is a Chief Engineer, who has electrical engineers, third-level engineers and mechanics under his command.

Working with a system of reports and check sheets, they are assured that all the boats, yachts and High Speed Crafts are operating at the optimum level possible.


Our team is responsible for 2 divisions:
  • International Reservations for the High Speed Crafts for tourist charters, offering several packages through Jordanian and Egyptian Travel Agents and Tour Operators. It is our team’s responsibility to be sure the manifest is correct for each sailing, reserving the boats and informing the authorities in both countries. They make sure and follow up that every aspect of a guest’s journey is managed with the utmost efficiency.
  • Yachting and Water Sports activities. Working with the Operations team they manage the schedule of the boats, to be sure that the various activities have the necessary yachts or boats, crew, equipment and catering for the planned excursion.


The Operations team is split into 2 sections: Boat crews and Land logistics, for the 4 divisions:
  • International High Speed Crafts have a team of coordinated individuals that provide all that is necessary to ensure a smooth sailing for all tourist charters.
  • Yachting teams provide the crew, equipment and catering for each activity. A schedule program, including the navy permissions and informing the authorities of our activities, is organized regularly by this team. They take care of the guests throughout their cruise.
  • Our company is located in all the five star hotels in Aqaba and has a presence in most of the other hotels around the town. It takes a dedicated and well coordinated team to run our Water Sports operations, with a support team of speed boat captains and seamen that make every event a special activity for its participants.
  • The diving center operates autonomously, integrating with the yachts and boats whenever they have guests. The standards are the highest available in the diving world, a 5Star PADI diving center, partnered with National Geographic.
We are continuously increasing and training our team to provide the best customer service and the highest safety standards.